Brand Ambassadors Chain of Command

Brand Ambassadors Chain of Command

By Jesse Sullens Posted on

Hey Everyone,

We have been making so many changes that are hard to convey to our out of office BA's. Because of those changes we have a bit of confusion on who to reach out to for certain things. We would like to help better our communication by informing you all of the new chain of command, so things do not slip through the cracks.

  • Director of Sales Logistics
  • Jesse coverers the following  BA issues-

    • Show Bookings- *If you hear about a great show, email the info to Jesse and she will check it out.
    • Show Travel
      • Flights
      • Car
      • Lodging
    Jesse does her best to be sure you get the easiest, least stressful travel as possible. As you seasoned BA’s know, the further out we have you scheduled on show the better travel options we have.

    • Shipping to and from Shows
    Please contact Jesse if you have any issues receiving or planning return shipments.

    • Shipping of Pallets or Boxes for HUB Masters and Manager BA’s
    • Packing for Local Shows
    • Weekly Show Emails with all your show information
    • Tracking of all Product Inventory
    • Company Van Maintenance

  • Director of Sales
  • Luke coverers the following  BA issues-

    • Show Scheduling
        • A weekly update will be emailed to you, be sure to read it over and check to be sure the show dates work for you before agreeing to each show.
            • Be sure to let him know as soon as possible which shows you would like to work for travel purposes.  Also if there is a date in the future you cannot work., let him know ASAP. Email is best until we get the new program up and running.
    • BA’s Recruiting and Vetting - Send Luke any contact info for qualifying Reps 
    • Any Show issues - Booth Location, Wifi Issues, etc.
    • Any Shopify Issues- Set up, Testing, Sales
    • Show Reports and Commission Payments
    • Any Personal Info Changes- email, address, phone, bank account or emergency contacts
    • Notes on Show Sales- Other BA's sale, Discounts, etc.
    • Deposits- Amount, Issues
    • After show Inventory Count- Protocols for Inventory After each show (count as packing up) Please contact Luke if you have any issues receiving or planning return shipments.

    • EBA’s - Be sure to get your Inventory counts to Luke after each show to keep your team stocked and to be sure it Matches up with the count we have.
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