10 Skincare Tips You NEED to Follow

10 Skincare Tips You NEED to Follow

By Monet Moore Posted on

Skincare should be tailored to your skin and lifestyle. Everyone is different. While there are not hard and fast rules when it comes to skincare, there are steps that you can add to your routine to make your skin look it's best. 

1. Layer Products Properly

    Deciding on a skin care routine can be incredibly daunting. Everyone has a different method. But which one works. Well, no matter the routine you pick, make sure you layer your products properly. Work from thinnest product to thickest, letting the thinnest penetrate first and then layering accordingly. 

    2. Wash Your Makeup Brushes

    I cannot tell you the amount of times a pimple has sprung up on my face and I get ready to curse the universe only to discover it’s my own fault: I forgot to wash my makeup brushes. Not only are your brushes full of old makeup, but bacteria, oils, and dead skin from your own face. You don’t want to spread that on your clean face every day. A little dawn soap and warm water will do the trick, or you can invest in a brush cleaning liquid. 

    3. Don’t Overwash

      Washing your face twice a day is a great habit to keep up. That being said, be careful not to over wash. Every time you wash your face, you strip it not only of dirt and bacteria, but it’s natural oils. The more you do this, the more likely your skin is to do one of two things. Either it will dry your face out or your oil producing glands will be kicked into overdrive, making your face more oily than before. Either way, not a fun time. 

      4. Invest in a Good Moisturizer

      I cannot stress this enough: A good moisturizer is a holy grail product. Don’t just pick up any old moisturizer off the shelf. Do you research and figure out what’s best for your skin needs. We highly recommend Aloe Infusion Face and Body for all skin types. It’s packed full of soothing, nutrient rich ingredients your skin needs to look it’s best. 

      5. Sleep on Your Back

        Don’t want wrinkles? Get into the habit of sleeping on your back. With your face off the pillow, it’s less likely to get stretched while you sleep. Back sleeping can also help you avoid acne since your skin doesn’t touch your pillow (another thing you should wash frequently). 

        6. Exfoliate

          Though it shouldn’t be done frequently, exfoliating is an important part of maintaining your skin. Removing that top layer of dead skin will make your face feel softer, allow products to penetrate more deeply, and make makeup go on more smoothly. 

          7. Keep Track of Moles

            They might seem like just little spots but moles that fluctuate in size and color can be signs of serious medical issues like skin cancer. Take stock of your moles and if you notice any changes in size, color, or texture, visit a  dermatologist. 

            8. Visit the Dermatologist

              Speaking of visiting a dermatologist, it’s never a bad idea. Dermatologists can help with just about and skin ailment and provide advice on products and treatments. The perfect place to discuss products that work for you. 

              9. Get a Facial

                Everyone needs a little splurge every now and then. Getting a facial is an unforgettable experience and a great way to treat your skin. This is especially true if you’re getting ready for a big event. Take the leap and get a facial. 

                10. Remove Your Makeup

                  No matter how late (or early) it is, no matter how much makeup you’re wearing, ALWAYS remove your makeup. This is a non-negotiable step. Makeup is incredibly clogging to your pores. Taking it off lets your skin get a breather through the night. On top of that, makeup blocks products like moisturizers and serums from penetrating the skin. Every makeup routine starts with removing your makeup. 

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