10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

By Monet Moore Posted on

Here at Aloe Infusion, we talk often about outer beauty, specifically, your skin. That makes sense considering we’re a skincare company. But did you know that your mental health affects your skin? 

The way your brain works is linked to what happens to your skin. As stress mounts, anxiety tends to rise. Anxiety and stress release hormones that change your skin’s oil production, texture, color, and more. For instance, when stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone signals to your oil glands to produce more oil. This excess oil clogs your pores and creates acne and other skin conditions. 

What’s the easiest way to avoid these skin conditions? Stop stressing! Ok, so it’s not that easy. However, there are 10 methods you can use to improve your mental health and reduce stress.


Meditation and similar mindfulness practices have been shown to lower anxiety and promote calm. It’s not uncommon for people to shy away from meditation for a variety of reasons: it’s too boring, difficult, or the potential is too high to fall asleep. You may be interested in meditation, but not sure where to start. That’s why we’ve included a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Start Small

Surprisingly, you don’t need to meditate for seven weeks like Buddha to get the benefits of meditation. If you’re new to meditation, start with short time slots. Two minutes, then five, then seven, and so on. As you become more comfortable with the practice, you will be able to increase the time. 

Tip #2: Get Comfortable

Pick a spot where you will not only be physically comfortable, but mentally comfortable. Since you will be sitting for an extended period of time, you want to find a spot where you will have little to no distractions and can focus on yourself. 

Tip #3: Don’t Fight Your Thoughts

When you think meditation, do you imagine sitting in silence in the middle of the forest with no thoughts in your head? While mindless meditation might be the ideal, most of us will have passing thoughts from time to time, especially if you’re new to meditation. The key is to accept your thoughts. No, seriously. Accept your thoughts. As you meditate, thoughts might crop up. Acknowledge the thoughts and imagine placing that thought in a little boat and sending it down a river or as clouds passing overhead You’ll reconnect with that thought later, but now is time for you. 


Exercising is a fantastic way to get out of a funk and improve your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins which is one of your body’s feel-good hormones. It also relieves tension and boosts your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Be creative

Get your creative juices flowing and pick up a hobby! Sometimes the mental things that get us down can’t be forgotten. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a distraction. Time to pick a hobby. Find a craft online, try something new, paint a picture. Your goal is to find something enjoyable, but not stressful. If painting stresses you out because you need the art to be “perfect”, find something else. More stress is not the goal. 

Talk to someone

Talking is a fabulous way to release tension. Find someone you trust and confide in them what’s going on and what you’re feeling. If for some reason you don’t have someone you feel comfortable with in your life, consider going to therapy. There is absolutely no shame in finding someone to talk to, nor does it say anything about you as a person. Working on you and recognizing when you need a hand from a professional is a highly commendable action. 


Don’t want to talk to another person? Talk to the void. Ok, maybe not the void. Journaling is a quick and easy way to get all your thoughts out on paper and out of your head. Do a thought dump and don’t think, just write.

Spend time with people you love

All we need is a little love. Spend some time with someone you love, even virtually if you need it. That could be a significant other, a family member, a best friend, or even your pet. When you’re around someone you love, your brain releases another feel-good hormone called Oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone.” Lots of this hormone makes you feel loved and content, a feeling we could all use more of.

Pamper your physical body

While you take steps to pamper your mental body, take some time to pamper your physical body. Take a hot bath or shower, light your favorite candle, and do a face mask. Don’t forget to moisturize with some Aloe Infusion. Keeping your skin hydrated will allow your skin to look and feel good. 

Take breaks from the internet

The internet is great, but sometimes it can be incredibly overwhelming. Take a break from the internet. It’s draining to have your eyes on a screen all day and the news can be incredibly depressing. Get some fresh air, call a friend, take a bath, or do a craft. Living in the moment and not through a screen is going to go more for your mental health than you realize. 


Repeat after me: It’s ok to take a break. If you live a constant “go, go, go” lifestyle, chances are you’re going to run out of steam. Don’t think of breaks, days off, and vacations as quitting. You are taking care of you right now and sometimes that’s the hardest job of all. 

Speak to yourself kindly

If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, why would you say it to yourself? The brain can be a wondrous thing, but it can also be very cruel. The things you say to yourself on a daily basis, whether positive or negative, have an effect on your mental well being. Your thoughts don’t come out of nowhere. Pay attention to the things you tell yourself and practice speaking kindly. 

At the end of the day, you cannot give love to others if you do not give love to yourself. There is no shame in taking time to build yourself up and take care of your mental health. Reserve some time each day to show yourself some love.  

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