3 Amazing Uses for Aloe Infusion You've NEVER Thought Of

3 Amazing Uses for Aloe Infusion You've NEVER Thought Of

By Monet Moore Posted on

You know that Aloe Infusion is an incredible moisturizing cream. With over 25,000 loyal users, it’s no wonder that Aloe Infusion is becoming a household name. But did you know that there are three amazing uses for Aloe you may have never thought of?


Everyone and their mother will tell you that if you have a sunburn, put on some Aloe. Aloe is a fantastic ingredient for treating sunburns by penetrating damaged skin, keeping it moisturized, and even preventing the dreaded peeling. Aloe Infusion Face and Body Cream takes the healing process to the next level. This cream is packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, yuka root, and many other nutrient rich ingredients that can heal sunburns in a day. 

Scars/Stretch marks

Though we can never fully get rid of scars and stretch marks, the appearance of them can be greatly diminished. The presence of Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, and manuka honey are vital to the healing and revitalizing the skin. Adding moisture and vitamins from these oils to your skin will make it smooth, supple, and restored. 

Makeup removal

You’ve been wearing layers of makeup all day. The last thing you want to do is add more chemicals on top of that. Just like your mother’s and grandmother’s nightly cold cream, Aloe Infusion can be used as an all natural makeup remover. The difference between this and a traditional makeup remover is that Aloe won’t dry you out in the removal process.

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