6 Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

You’ve made it to 40 and beyond. Congrats! You lived through the acne of your teens, young adulthood with nights on the town, the hormonal shifts of your 30’s, and now you have to face up to the fact that it might be time to change up your makeup. Get ready to look through your makeup bag to discover what is and isn’t working for you anymore. 

Women as we age, go through certain skin changes that mean reevaluating how you do your makeup. What looked great on you at 20, might look too harsh at 40. That means put down the bold black eyeliner. Step away from the cakey foundation. Dark lips are not your friend. Looking sensational into your 40’s, and for the rest of your life is a snap if you know a few key tips and tricks. Skin care is vital at this stage of your life too, because you makeup will look so much better on flawless skin.

Tip 1 - Your Makeup Is Only Going To Look As Good As Your Skin

Look refreshed after 40 with the right make-up! This can’t be stated enough. If you aren't properly taking care of your skin your makeup is not going to look as good. It’s just a simple fact that in order for makeup to go on well, your skin needs to be in the best shape possible. That means in order to achieve this you must cleanse gently, protect, and hydrate. Don’t go to bed with your makeup on, because it wears on your skin. Clogged pores, dullness, and dehydration are a symptom of that little beauty blunder. Make taking care of your skin a priority. If you don’t have the right routine in place talk to a skin care consultant that can guide you in the right direction. It doesn't have to cost a ton of money either, since there are many great products you can buy that are affordable. Save money on cleansing and protection, but splurge on an effective moisturizer with treatment benefits.

Tip 2 - Cream Based Products Are Great For Dry Skin

Simply switching to some cream based formulas work wonderfully on drier skin. They add a lifelike radiance to your face that powder formulas don’t. Powder tend to cake on the skin, and look flat. The opposite effect is present with cream based formulas that look luscious and fresh on the skin. Cream blush is a must-have for mature skin.

Tip 3 - Look For Products That Won’t Sink Into Fine Lines

Many products are geared towards certain age groups. If you know that a certain cosmetic line doesn’t work for you, stay away from it. You might have loved a certain lipstick for years, but as you age it’s creeping out of your lip line, then it’s time to change to something more appropriate. There are advanced formulas out there in all forms of makeup that are geared towards beautifully mature skin. Find the products that work for you instead of the trendy stuff that’s meant for Millennial skin.

Tip 4 - Enhance Your Best Features

Do you love your eyes or your still full lips? Make them stand out. Maybe you have killer cheekbones with a beautiful bone structure that looks fantastic with the right blush just artfully applied. Choose your best feature to enhance it to the best of your ability. That way you aren’t doing too much to your face, but only highlighting what you want to stand out.

Tip 5 - Lighten Up

On the other hand, it can look garish to wear too much makeup as you age. You don’t want to look like a wax caricature of yourself. Having a lighter hand goes a long way as you age to soften your features. Everyone has seen women of a certain age caked with makeup. It’s not attractive or natural. Your skin can use a lighter covering of foundation and concealer. Maybe switch it up to a BB or CC Cream that will correct some slight imperfections, and just even out your skin tone without being super heavy.

Tip 6 - Use Organic Aloe Infusion Cream

It bears mentioning again how important a proper skincare routine is going to be for the look and feel of your skin. Makeup doesn’t lay well or look right on flaky, dry skin. Using a product like Organic Aloe Infusion Cream is going to go to work on improving the overall quality of your skin. The radiance alone you will achieve with Organic Aloe Infusion Cream is due to the natural botanicals, vitamins, and minerals it contains. 

Aloe Vera itself has long been treasured for its ability to moisturize and heal. It can even reduce the appearance of fine lines, fade acne scars, heal sunburn, and sooth skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Our organically grown Aloe Vera juice is the main component of our extraordinary Organic Aloe Infusion Cream. So start with good skin care before you move on to any makeup you apply.

Here’s what a few folks had to say about their own remarkable results with Aloe Infusion Organic Skin Cream:

“My husband suffers from unusually dry skin, which causes great discomfort, primarily from itching. After using your skin cream for a day the itch stopped completely. I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years. After using your cream on the affected areas for two days, the dry scales went away. I’m going to continue to use it every day in hopes my psoriasis will finally go away completely.”

New Jersey

“I bought the cream on Wednesday and not quite a week later, my dry skin on my fee and front of my legs has improved dramatically. This is after using creams that have been dispersed by my doctor for about one year. I just cannot believe the improvement in my skin.”

United Kingdom

“I used to have eczema all over my hands and elbows. I started using your skin cream last May and I cleared up within one week. I use the cream everyday and enjoy trouble-free skin.”

Acushnit, MA

“We have two sons with definite skin problems. Our eldest has eczema, most seriously on his hands. They were constantly cracked, open and bleeding, not to mention the pain. After eight months of using your skin cream, his hands are completely healed. Continued use is key to keeping them from further irritation. Thanks.”

Whitehall, MI

“In February I attended the Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, Washington. It was a great event and I bought several things. The thing I loved the most among my purchases was hand cream. That’s right! ...My friend and I purchased Aloe Infusion and it is without a doubt the best hand cream I have ever used. I game one of my travel size jars to my daughter-in-law and she loves it as well. “

Seattle, WA

“I have had really dry skin my whole life but now I use this every day and have noticed a big improvement in my skin. I even had damaged skin on the back of my neck from bad sun burning years ago and that has now healed! I’ve tried and used it all and nothing helped and I have sensitive skin which reacted to everything I used also. This is the first thing I’ve stuck with and I’m thrilled! I saw my dermatologist just the other day and she even commented on how much better my skin looked. I’m so glad the representative got me to try it as I was very skeptical. Thank you."

Jacksonville, FL

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