7 Great ways aloe vera heals your skin

7 Great ways aloe vera heals your skin

By Kelsea Fowler Posted on

You might think Aloe Vera's just theraputic for sunburns, but it's actually Cleopatra's best kept beauty secret! 

Aloe vera is one of the most powerful plants in the world and has been used throughout history as a miracle medicine. Stemming from the cactus family,  aloe vera grows in dry climates, like Africa, India, and South America. It may be hard and prickly on the outside, but the gel inside is pure, ooey gooey magic. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the famously beautiful, ancient Egyptian Queen, credited aloe vera gel for her glowing, plumped skin. There’s no doubt she knew what she was doing - substantial research from the Mayo Clinic proves that the healing benefits of aloe vera are astoundingly real and worth knowing about. Aloe vera has a unique genetic makeup that allows it’s healing gel to penetrate into the deepest layers of our skin; bringing all of its nutrients down to our cells. That makes it the perfect addition to both your medicine cabinet and daily skincare routine.

What’s in aloe vera gel?

  • Water
  • 20 minerals
  • 18 amino acids
  • 8 essential fatty acids
  • 12 vitamins
  • 200+ active plant compounds

Aloe may be 99% water, however the other 1% is so powerful and contains over 75 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that work synergistically to heal the skin from the inside out. It’s soothing effects are long-lasting and help to regenerate the growth of new, healthy skin cells over time. To get an idea, aloe vera completely heals bad wounds and burns in 15 days, compared to treating with prescribed medicine, which generally heal in 30-45 days.

Here are 7 wonderful ways aloe vera heals your skin:

1. It soothes sunburn instantly.

Aloe vera treats burns 50 times faster than other medicines because it heals the skin from the bottom layer up. It also acts as a protective barrier on the skin’s outer layer, so new skin can grow.

2. It hydrates, all-day.

Aloe gel is cool and jelly-like, which moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy. It’s perfect for oily and dry skin complexions because it will keep the skin’s natural oil-production in balance. This means no clogged pores!

3. It treats acne.

Aloe vera gel supplies the skin with two key hormones that help wounds heal by stimulating the growth of new skin cells. These hormones alongside the antibacterial properties of aloe help the skin stay clear of acne, redness, and infection.

4. It reverses aging & wrinkles.

Skin naturally loses elasticity and develops wrinkles overtime. Applying aloe vera to the skin daily will boost your skin’s collagen production and fight free radicals, which keeps the skin firm, plump, and forever young.

5. It erases stretch marks and scars.

Think of the skin as a stretchy layer of elastic that shrinks and expands as needed. Events like pregnancy, weight gain, or tearing can harm the abilities of the elastic to spring back, leaving big stretch marks or scars. Aloe vera gel repairs these wounds and diminishes visible damage.

6. It smoothes & softens.

Aloe vera has the unique ability to lock the moisture deep down into the layers of the skin, which promotes the growth of new, soft skin cells. Being fresh-faced will make your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

7. It’s healthy for your whole body.

The skin is the largest organ. If you want to have youthful, beautiful skin, hair, nails, etc... it’s important to keep the skin hydrated and well-nourished. The perfect antioxidant-packed ingredient? Aloe vera.

How To Use Aloe Daily

You could buy an aloe plant and extract the gel yourself (the plants themselves are wonderful air-cleaners). Or, you could try our favorite method of putting aloe into your skin’s daily diet. Our aloe-based skin creams use the highest quality variety of aloe plant, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Miller, because its way more potent than the common varieties you’d find at a store. Our whole skincare line boasts 40+ superfoods, like Manuka Honey, Grapeseed Oil, CoQ10, and Shea Butter, that repair and revive the skin for total wellness and beauty. We use aloe vera in all of our products, so give them all a try! 

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