7 Beauty Tips For Flawless Skin Over 40

7 Beauty Tips For Flawless Skin Over 40

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In a perfect world, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise would guarantee flawless skin at any age. Although each are essential to looking and feeling good inside and out, there’s no escaping the aging process. After forty, skin begins to lose its natural resilience and youthful radiance. Complexions grow dull, dry, rough and wrinkled from years of exposure to sun, stress and extremes in temperature.

Before submitting to painful chemical peels or surgical procedures, try these easy, do-it-yourself tips to rejuvenate skin and help erase the aging effects of living in a not-so-perfect world.

1. Boost Radiance

Aloe Infusion Radiant Face Choose a light liquid or cream-based formula.

Skin needs change from season to season, and with age. Finding the right beauty products can be a costly, hit-and-miss affair, with little or no benefit to your skin. Simplify your beauty regime by first identifying your skin type and addressing its needs.  Is your complexion normal, dry, sensitive or a combination thereof? Following the right regime for your skin is essential to its health and vitality.

Over 40, skin is commonly dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Switching from powder-based formulas that tend to accentuate imperfections and make skin look dull and lifeless to creamier ones can erase years. Choose a light liquid or cream-based formula that will give skin a soft, reflective sheen for a youthful boost of radiance.

2. Just Add Water

Adult women’s bodies are about 55% water, but that percentage fluctuates based on your individual hydration level. It’s important to note that at just 1% dehydration, mental performance and physical coordination become impaired -- even before thirst kicks in. Imagine the impact on our largest organ -- the skin -- when dehydration occurs.

We know the inner benefits of getting enough water, including staying slim and helping the body digest food. Getting enough hydration on the inside, also keeps skin looking younger and healthier on the outside. Drink 4-8 glasses of filtered or bottled spring water each day and sip your way to beauty!

3. Say No To Soap

Say No To Soap Choose an oil-based cleanser

Skin is slightly acidic while soap is alkaline and disrupts the skin’s naturally acidic protective film. After 40, skin’s protective film becomes less effective at holding in moisture which leads to dryness. Either choose an oil-based cleanser suitable for all skin types or a cream cleanser that removes makeup effectively and leaves dry skin feeling soothed, supple and refreshed.

4. Plump Up

how to moisturize your face properly Moisturizers help rebuild collagen

Sebum -- the skin’s natural hydrator -- decreases as we age. This loss, when combined with the drying effects of extremes in temperature, sun, wind, heat and air-conditioning, may cause skin to feel tight, flake, chap and wrinkle. That’s why all skin types need moisturizing twice daily -- morning and night.

Choose a moisturizer suited to your skin type: oil-free formulas for oily skin, hydrating water-in-oil formulas for normal to dry skin or an anti-aging moisturizer enriched with antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acid. These moisturizers help rebuild collagen, the protein essential for cell renewal that keeps skin looking young and fresh.

Before applying moisturizer, spritz your skin with water. The water ‘plumps up’ the skin cells and smooths the surface, making fine lines less apparent. Applying your moisturizer afterward will seal in the water and keep it from evaporating.

5. Camouflage with Care

Uneven skin tone and minor imperfections can add years to an otherwise youthful complexion. Before applying make-up, take time to prime skin with a color corrector or concealer. It pays off in the long run and creates a perfect canvas for applying cosmetics.

Color correctors are used to tone down redness and brighten sallow complexions. Concealers camouflage imperfections and can help disguise under-eye bags. Avoid oil-based concealers as they tend to slide on and glide off or settle in lines and wrinkles. Choose one that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation and pat it gently around the eyes. Erase dark marks by dabbing a dot of concealer on the spot with a fine-tipped make-up brush and feather outward. The concealer lightens the spot while foundation will help blend it seamlessly.

6. De-Stress to Re-Energize

Aloe Infusion De-Stress Pampering your skin with massage relaxes facial muscles

Include a simple face and neck massage in your daily beauty regime and you will see the benefits in a matter of weeks. When applying moisturizer, lightly circle hands up from the chin to the center of the forehead, then glide each hand down each side of the face, repeating 12 times. For the neck, sweep hands up under the chin and down again, repeating 12 times.

Routinely pampering your skin with massage relaxes facial muscles and energizes blood flow, reviving skin’s youthful glow.

7. Go Organic With Aloe

One of the oldest recorded plants in history, Aloe Vera or ‘Lily of the Desert’ has long been prized as one of nature’s most versatile remedies. Traditionally, the ancient Chinese and Egyptians used aloe vera to treat burns, wounds and reduce fever. It is believed that centuries ago Alexander the Great secured supplies of aloe vera to treat his wounded soldiers and that Cleopatra used it in her daily skin treatments.

Today, the aloe vera plant is commercially grown for the healing and moisturizing benefits found in its leaves. One of the most scientifically-studied and clinically-tested of all natural plants, aloe vera has been proven to soothe sunburn, rashes and eczema, relieve acne and smooth lines and wrinkles. This natural wonder is an essential ingredient in everything from products promoting digestive health and a healthy immune system to remedies that soothe muscles and relieve joint discomfort.

During the summer months, skin is really put to the test. Sun, wind and air-conditioning will challenge even the best complexions. Besides protecting skin with a high SPF sunscreen, it’s essential to stock your beauty arsenal with a good moisturizer, preferably one that contains aloe vera. Wholesome Organics’ Aloe Infusion Organic Skin Cream optimizes the benefits of aloe vera to soothe dry, irritated skin and boost skin’s natural hydration. Infused with organically-grown, freshly-squeezed aloe vera juice and cold-pressed seed and nut oils, it delivers lightweight, lasting moisture that feels clean to the touch. Used daily, skin stays hydrated and protected from dryness and its aging effects, while complexions appear smoother, more supple and healthier-looking.

One final note: Our skin should be a prized asset, so when selecting cosmetics and skin care products be aware that some may actually contain ingredients that are harsh and irritating. The products you use should feel luxurious, yet be safe and healthy for your skin.