Basic Tips to Avoid Signs Ageing

Basic Tips to Avoid Signs Ageing

By Monet Moore Posted on

We all wish the fountain of youth was real. A giant fountain filled water that could turn back the clock on our skin. I’m sorry to say that the fountain of youth is indeed fictional. For many, the idea of aging seems scary. I know that keeping the beauty of youth is highly praised in many societies. While I can’t offer you a magic elixir, I can give you my top tips for keeping your skin young and healthy!

Don't sleep on your stomach

As comfortable as it might be, sleeping on your stomach can cause some serious damage to your face. Laying on your stomach usually results in your head turning to either the left or right, smashing your face into the pillow. Sleeping through the night in the position over an extended period of time contributes to the development of wrinkles. Instead, consider sleeping on your back so your face is relieved of any contact with your pillow. 

Keep skin hydrated

Hydration is VITAL to healthy, glowy skin throughout your life. This isn’t just drinking water (we’ll talk about that in a second). You should be using a moisturizer day and night, especially after you’ve exfoliated. When you exfoliate, you take off the top layer of dead skin. If you don’t moisturize, that fresh skin underneath will become dry and dull. If you want to save a little money, opt for a lightweight, natural moisturizer like Aloe Infusion. It gives you the hydration you need without making your face sticky. Give it a try!

Keep your insides hydrated

In addition to hydrating with moisturizers, the amount of water you drink has an enormous effect on your skin. Without water, your skin becomes sallow and dull in appearance. Your skin tone may appear uneven and wrinkles may become more noticeable and distinct. Getting proper hydration on the inside is key to preventing this from occurring. 

Reduce stress

You wouldn’t think that something psychological could have a great effect on your skin, but surprise! It does! When you’re stressed, your skin can do a number of things. It can exacerbate current problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also cause new problems to crop up like rashes, hives, and fever blisters. On top of that, changes in hormones cause oil production to increase. Practice stress-reducing techniques to keep your skin in check. 


The thing that will age you the fastest is exposure to the sun. UV rays from the sun penetrate your skin, causing stem cells to die and deep wrinkles to form. On top of that, extended exposure can cause skin cancer. Staying indoors is probably not a viable option. Instead, apply a facial sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Apply frequently before sun exposure to create a barrier between your skin and the sun. 

Though we can’t stop the process of aging, we can slow the sign of aging in a safe, healthy way. By sleeping properly, hydrating, and being careful in the sun, your skin will be young and healthy for years to come.

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