How Pollution Is Affecting Your Skin

How Pollution Is Affecting Your Skin

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Air pollution isn’t just jeopardizing the planet- it’s causing a laundry list of health concerns like heart and lung disease, stroke, emphysema and even depression. And, more importantly for the skin-obsessed, it’s seriously messing with our complexions. We might not see the pollution lurking on our faces every day, but we do notice its beauty-stripping effects. Luckily, this disaster is one that you can avoid- if you know how.  

Believe it or not, air pollution has quickly caught up with our oldest and largest frenemy - the sun. Runner up to UV rays, air pollution wins the prize as the second most damaging environmental factor to the skin. Its top offenses include accelerated aging, clogged and enlarged pores, loss of firmness, rough texture, hyper pigmentation, and dryness- yikes. So unless you want to start aging before your time, I think we can all agree that it pays to put a little extra effort into protecting our skin.

Air Pollution & Our Skin

So how exactly does invisible dirty air cause such enormously visible skin woes? Not to freak you out, but our skin is exposed to toxic stressors every time we walk outside (and even in some indoor spaces). Pollution on the skin doesn’t quite behave like dirt and grime building up on a windshield. We’d easily be able to wipe it off, if that was the case! Rather, think of pollution as burning cigarette butts that are stuck on your face, continuously emitting toxic chemicals into your skin until they’re properly cleaned off- we’ll touch more on our anti-pollution routine in a bit.

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Plainly speaking, the dirty particle matter (which is about 20 times smaller than our pores) infiltrates the deep layers of the skin barrier and wreaks havoc at the cellular level. These tiny aggravators break down collagen and the lipid layer which causes inflammation, dehydration, and premature aging. That’s not all- those particle matters also carry bad chemicals, acids, and metals that dissolve into the skin’s sebum upon contact. This disrupts the skin’s functioning and triggers defense mechanisms, like age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Note, you won’t notice these changes overnight.

A Good Defense Is The Best Offense  

So what can we do to preserve our youthful, healthy radiance that’s not wearing a face guard made out of air-purifying plants? Making simple changes to your beauty routine, like proper cleansing and loading up on antioxidants, will have a huge, positive impact before your healthy skin is long gone. And good news, it’s totally achievable and easy to do on a daily basis.

Pollution-Fighting Skincare Routine


Send in the clean-up crew. It’s important to wash your face morning and night in order to remove the build up of dirt, debris, pollution, and toxins that entered the skin throughout the day and night. We recommend a mild cleanser as to not further aggravate the skin’s epidermis. And after cleansing, try an exfoliating scrub for an even deeper clean.


Remember, our skin’s primary job is to be our protective immune barrier. If this barrier gets compromised, it’s letting pollutants in that steal our skins’ vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive. So, it’s our job to put vitamins back in the skin and build our barriers back up. By nourishing our skin with antioxidants like vitamin C and E every day, like in our Face & Body Cream, you can repair damage and get your immune barrier back to being healthy.


You can help defend and protect against pollution with antioxidants and a powerful SPF. An all-natural sunscreen will help create shield-like barrier that prevents pollutants from getting into your skin. If you use one with clarifying ingredients, like our Face & Body Cream, you’ll get added benefits like a well-hydrated moisture barrier and super smooth and glowing skin.

Now, you’re armed and ready to protect your skin from pollution! Remember to carpool and hang out around plants more often. Happy healing!

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