How to Get Baby Soft Legs... Without Waxing!

How to Get Baby Soft Legs... Without Waxing!

By Monet Moore Posted on

Waxing, sugaring, burning, plucking, lazering...the list of hair removal treatments goes on and on. It feels like there’s always some new way to get the hair out of your legs, armpits, and other such places. 

There’s one tried and true method that men, women, and everyone in between turns to to get rid of hair: Shaving. 

Now let’s be honest. Shaving kind of sucks. It can be incredibly time consuming, requires a fair amount of maneuvering around tricky body parts like knees, and once you step out of the shower, a swift wind can make it feel like the hair has grown right back in. Don’t even get me started on razor burn!

While I don’t have an amazing alternative for shaving itself, I have scoured the internet for the best tips and tricks to get baby soft legs from shaving. 

1. Use a Man’s Razor

I know, I know. The pink and purple razors are cuter. But that’s where they get ya! On top of every woman’s favorite Pink Tax (the extra money you pay for “women’s” products just because they’re “for women”), women’s razors just seem more dull than a man’s razor. When you think about it, a man’s razor is strong enough to make it through beard hair, which is typically thicker and coarser than our leg hair. Not only is it cheaper (depending on brand), but you’re more likely to get a sharper blade and a better shave. 

2. Exfoliate BEFORE You Shave

It’s incredibly important to exfoliate before you pick up your razor. If you’re looking to get a super close shave, you ideally you want to have access to as much hair outside the follicle as possible, right? There is a layer of dead skin that sits at the very top of your skin’s layers. By exfoliating and removing that dead skin, you expose more of the hair and get a smoother shave. 

3. Use a Moisturizing Shaving Cream 

There are all kinds of their advertised for the perfect shave. Shaving cream, conditioner, my mom uses straight up bar soap. While these may “get the job done,” there’s a better way to go. Opting for a moisturizing shaving cream will not only give you a smooth shave, but infuse moisture into your skin as you shave. 

4. Use a Shave Balm to Prevent Razor Burn

Run-ins with itchy little red bumps is one reason that many women switch from shaving to other methods of hair removal. While nothing can truly prevent razor burn, there are things you can do to lessen your chances of getting it. Using a shave balm is the best way to truly limit razor burn. It is marketed to men to help with shaving of beards and mustaches. But, as we established before, buy what works, not what’s marketed to your gender. 

5. Moisturize

Alright, you've gone through all this work to get your legs smooth. Please, for the love of everything, put on some moisturizer. A good, thick moisturizer like Aloe Infusion Face and Body does wonders are locking in your body’s natural moisture and adding a little more for good measure. Goodbye ashy, scaly legs and hello baby-smooth skin!

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