How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage For Glowing, Youthful Skin

How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage For Glowing, Youthful Skin

By Kelsea Fowler Posted on

Everybody knows the best part of getting a skin treatment is the face massage. It de-stresses and refreshes you at the same time. And in addition to feeling like a trip to heaven, there are boat loads of benefits to receiving frequent facial massages that actually enhance your skin’s appearance. According to skin experts, facial massages are kind of like an instant face lift and cleanse at the same time- it increases blood flow, which decreases puffiness and improves circulation so you’ll look more awake and radiant. It’ll also increase your skin’s health by promoting lymphatic drainage and clearing away toxins, which supports the skin’s natural cleansing process.

Now, I'm not suggesting you sign up for nightly facial appointments, but you can mimic a professional massage at home perfectly fine! In fact, a self facial massage is an easy, free, and effective way to add more relaxation into your nightly skincare and routine. Before we dive into best techniques, here’s what you can expect to see from doing this for yourself nightly:

Less Wrinkles

When the muscles on your face tense up, they are more likely to harbour wrinkles, which is why they need to be massaged out regularly. Just 1-2 minutes of face massage a day is enough to relieve tension in the muscles and prevent or smooth wrinkles.

Tighter & Brighter Complexion

Regular massage helps to bring oxygen to the area—which is a natural way to boost collagen production. More blood flow means more collagen production, which gives a youthful and natural glow to your complexion.

Helps Products Work More Deeply

If you use a superfood-powered moisturizer, like our Face & Body cream, while self-massaging, you’ll help your skin absorb these products on a deeper level. This will increase the effectiveness of your skincare routine.  

Now before you start, here’s a few helpful tips: facial massage is essentially tugging on your skin, so it is important to maintain a gentle touch to help tighten facial muscles rather than exacerbate wrinkling and stress. Applying a moisturizer or serum on both of your hands and face before starting will help mitigate pulling. The key is to always move up and out to help lift and tone your facial muscles, rather than pulling them down and causing sagging.

1. Wash your hands and prep your face

Obviously, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and tie back your hair to get any potential germs away from your face. You should also cleanse your face before massaging and make sure it’s clear of makeup and dirt. If you feel like getting fancy, you can also steam your face by laying a warm, wet cloth on top of your face to soften the muscles.

2. Define your jawline

Use your index fingers and thumbs to pinch the skin along your jawline starting from the center of the chin, moving outwards to just below your ears. This will clear up any congestion in the tissues that could cause swelling and puffiness.

3. Lift your cheekbones

Take your index and middle fingers and use them to push up under your cheekbones from the center of your face out toward your temples. Finish by pinching the fleshy part of your cheeks to increase circulation for an instantaneous glow.

4. De-puff eyes

Using your fourth fingers, slowly press under the inside of the corner of your eyes and move your fingers in a circular movement up and outwards towards the temples. Repeat on brow line, pressing upwards. This will gently pump out lymphatic fluids to erase dark circles and puffiness. You can also use gentle tapping motions under the eyes to stimulate brightness.  

  1. Soothe forehead stress

With your thumbs at your temples, press your three middle fingers into the center of your forehead and draw small circles from the center out to the sides of your face. This relaxes the muscles, which will lessen wrinkling from tension.

Because it's not just what you put on your skin but how you put it on that keeps your skin youthful and radiant.

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