Magic or Myth: Cleansing

Magic or Myth: Cleansing

By Monet Moore Posted on

You shouldn't wash your face in the shower

Myth: You can absolutely wash your face in the shower. In fact, it may be one of the best places to wash your face. As the hot water rushes around you, it creates steam. This steam helps your pores to open and clogged dirt, oils, and dead skin to be more easily washed away. As long as the water isn’t burning, there is nothing wrong with washing your face in the shower. 

Your products are working if you see redness or feel a tight or burning sensation

Myth: As much as it feels like your products are “working” if your skin feels tight, goes red, or burns, it’s just not true. This is your skin telling that it doesn’t like whatever you’re using and continuing use could do much more harm than good. The general rule of thumb: if it hurts, don’t use it. 

As long as you use makeup wipes, you don't need to wash your face

Myth: There is no substitute for washing your face. While these wipes may get the makeup off your face, they won’t do a deep clean. This means that while you sleep, oils, dirt, and leftover makeup from the day will be settling into your skin and creating a breeding ground for bacteria and acne. As annoying as it is, you’ll be much better off just washing your face. 

Scrubbing is key to cleaning your skin

Myth: Similar to the problem with wanting your face products to burn or make your skin red, scrubbing doesn’t mean you’re cleaning your skin. Again, you’re doing more harm than good. By scrubbing with an abrasive washcloth, you’re creating micro-tears in the skin, giving bacteria more places to hide. Stick to brush designed for the face or your hands. 

Splash cold water on your face to make your pores go away

Magic: So, this is partially true. Splashing or rinsing your face will help to minimize the appearance of pores to an extent, but they won’t truly go away. You’re pores are here to stay!

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