Magic or Myth: Exfoliating

Magic or Myth: Exfoliating

By Monet Moore Posted on

It seems like every skincare ad on television is pushing a new exfoliation product. The process of removing dead skin cells is an important part of caring for your skin. Before you begin exfoliating, let’s dispel some of the most common myths around the practice.

You can use one exfoliant for your face and body

Myth: This is a dangerous myth. As easy as it would be to re-purpose your body scrub for your face, try your best to resist. The reason being that the skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Think about it; the skin on your body takes much more of a beating from weather, temperature, fabric, and more than your face does. Therefore, your skin has to be much stronger to withstand it.

Bottom line: get an exfoliator that is made for your face. 

As long as it's rough, it doesn't matter what the exfoliating substance is

Myth: Just like you wouldn’t use a body exfoliator for your face, what you choose to put on your face matters. Not all exfoliators are made equal. For instance, a scrub with ground walnut shells can create small scratches in the face, making it easier for bacteria to enter and irritate your skin. It may feel rough and therefore like it’s doing the job, but the reality is that it’s damaging your face.

The key to exfoliating is to base it upon your skin type and needs. Sometimes just using a spin brush during the cleansing process will take care of the exfoliation. Sometimes a chemical exfoliant or microdermabrasion session at your dermatologist’s office can take care of it. Evaluate your skin and work from there. 

You should exfoliate 2-3 times a week

Magic: While this rumor is true in general, you should still base your routine off of your skin’s needs. If you have sensitive skin, stick to exfoliating once a week. Exfoliating too often could cause the skin to become irritated and stripped of its natural oils. 

Exfoliating sensitive skin is a no no

Myth: It makes sense why those with sensitive skin would look to avoid exfoliation. After all, you don’t want to have a bad reaction. The truth is that doing a gentle exfoliation of sensitive skin can help unclog pores and allow the skin to better absorb moisture. As long as you’re gentle, there’s no reason you can’t exfoliate sensitive skin. 

The best step to take no matter your exfoliation routine is to moisturize. Using a hydrating product like our Aloe Infusion Face and Body moisturizer is essential to maintain your skin’s natural moisture and self-repairing abilities. 

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