The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Product Symbols

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Product Symbols

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If you’ve ever been shopping for beauty supplies, you’ve probably noticed the various symbols that manufacturers use on their products. While they may just look like funky images, they’re actually helpful hints at the ingredients in the product that can help you to make a decision on which beauty product is right for you.

These symbols don’t just tell you simple facts, like the expiration date and amount of product in the packaging, but they also disclose the environmental regulations and animal rights procedures that the manufacturers follow. This way, you can make an educated decision on the beauty product you’re buying while keeping your health and your environmental impact in mind.

Read on to learn what the symbols all over your beauty products stand for.

expiration symbol

Expiration date

The open cream jar symbol indicates how many months a product is supposed to last before you throw it out. If a product becomes expired and you continue to use it, it can potentially wreak havoc on your skin. So this is an important one to keep in mind.

estimate symbol

Estimate Symbol

This symbol is an optional indicator that the manufacturer meets minimum fill level requirements. Meaning, their product has been certified to contain at least the amount listed on its packaging.

uva indicator symbol

UVA Indicator

SPF isn’t the only indicator for sun protection! You should also look for UVA protection levels when shopping for sunscreen. Many people don’t know it, but UVA rays are widely responsible for sunburns, skin damage, and wrinkles later in life. This symbol indicates that the product has at least the minimum level of UVA protection. In many cases, it will list one to five stars to indicate how strong the protection level is.

leaping bunny symbol

Leaping Bunny Logo

The Coalition of Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) created the Leaping Bunny Program in 1996. Any products that showcase the Leaping Bunny logo meet CCIC standards against animal testing.

more information symbol

More Information Indicator

This little icon is an indication that there’s more information about the product on the insert.

waste recycling symbol

Waste Recycling Icon

This symbol is also known as “The Green Dot.” This symbol is oftentimes mistaken for the recycling symbol which indicates a particular piece of the package can be recycled—which is not the case here.

This logo simply specifies that the company has made a financial contribution to a qualified national packaging recovery organization.

cruelty free symbol

PETA Cruelty-Free Symbol

If you see this bunny, the beauty product follows guidelines for PETA’s Cruelty-Free program against testing on animals. (You’ll be happy to know Aloe Infusion’s products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals).

certified vegan symbol

Vegan Symbol

The well-known “V” means the product is vegan and doesn’t contain any animal products.

fire symbol

Fire Icon

If you see a small fire icon on a product, this means it’s flammable. So be careful using these products around open flames!

USDA organic symbol

USDA Organic Logo

The USDA Organic logo means that the product is certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Specifically, this means that its ingredients were grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest.

recycling symbol

Recycling Icon

You’ve probably seen the basic recycling icon before. So as a refresher, this symbol indicates that the product’s packaging is recyclable. 

There are actually several recycling symbols, which can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with them. Sometimes you’ll see a number inside the symbol and some lettering below it. These numbers indicate the type of plastic the container is and determine the appropriate disposal route. This helps you when it comes time to recycle and limit your carbon footprint.

ecocert symbol


If you see the ECOCERT Logo, this means at least 95% of the product’s contents are derived from natural ingredients.

There are plenty more symbols we could include on this list, but these are the most important ones to help you make an educated decision. While a lot of products may follow these guidelines without showcasing the logos listed, it’s still a great way to be a conscious consumer and discover who the brand behind the product is.

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