The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Wearing a Mask

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Wearing a Mask

By Monet Moore Posted on

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, many countries have gone into prevention mode hoping to quell the spread of the disease. One such means of prevention is the wearing of masks in public and around those who are more vulnerable. 

Wearing masks in public spaces is not a new concept. In fact, people living in East Asia have been wearing masks in public for a long time. Not only is it a sign of respect for others, but it has become a fashion statement, with many East Asian influencers matching their masks to their outfits. That being said, many people in Western countries, like the United States, are not used to this practice. 

Now that wearing masks has become mandatory practice, it’s more important than ever to take your skincare routine seriously. That’s where we come in. Here is your ultimate guide to keeping your skin healthy while wearing a mask!

Cleanse Daily

Pandemic or not, daily cleansing is vital to the health of your skin. As you go about your day, bacteria, dirt, dead skin, and other nasties land on your face. By neglecting to wash, you allow those particles to bury themselves into your skin, clogging pores, causing acne, and exacerbating any skin conditions you may have. 

Masks, while a huge form of protection, can also trap bacteria and oils against your skin. It’s vital that after wearing a mask, you cleanse your face thoroughly, allowing your pores to breathe. Follow these steps for the best wash:

  1. Remove your mask and any makeup
  2. Wet your hands and face with warm water
  3. Opt for a natural cleanser and gently rub into your skin with your fingertips
  4. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry 

Moisturize Frequently 

Moisturizing is key to healthy, glowing skin. No matter your skin type, moisturizer is a vital step in your skincare routine. Moisturizer acts as a hydration agent. Your skin naturally produces an oil called sebum. Too much sebum and you have oily skin type. Too little, and your face becomes dry. In both cases, acne, rough texture, and dull complexion are symptoms of a dehydrated face. To get the most benefit, apply your moisturizer right after washing your face. Shop our favorite moisturizer here!

Skip the Makeup

Makeup can be a huge source of irritation for the skin. This is especially true now that mask-wearing is mandatory. As we said, a mask pressing against your face has the potential for acne and other skin problems to crop up. Adding makeup into the equation can be a pore-clogging combination. We highly recommend taking at least one makeup-free day for every one to two makeup days.

Take Breaks From Your Mask

Ok, we know that masks are mandatory, but hear us out. Wearing your mask is vital to protecting yourself and others. That being said, every few hours that you wear a mask, take a short break without it. The humidity and heat created by wearing the mask can get uncomfortable. Take a moment to go outside or go somewhere to social distance and give your face a breather. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

We will never stop preaching the importance of sunscreen. Believe it or not, the sun is growing hotter. Sun damage might seem like a minor issue, but exposure without sunscreen can lead to early aging and even skin cancer. Stop the problem before it happens with sunscreen. 

Wash Your Cloth Masks

So, if your mask pressed against your face can cause problems, how nasty could you mask be? Well, it turns out very nasty! You can think of your mask like a pillowcase. As you sleep, dead skin, bacteria, drool, and other things settle into the fabric. If you don’t wash your pillowcase, those particles end up on your skin. Your mask is the same way. If you use a cloth mask, you should be washing it every other wear to stay safe. 

Just because you have to wear a mask doesn’t mean you have to abandon your skin. By following our tips, you can have healthy, beautiful skin for years to come. 

What is your favorite skincare tip? Let us know in the comments!

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