This super antioxidant will completely transform your skin

This super antioxidant will completely transform your skin

By Kelsea Fowler Posted on

If there’s one ingredient that will completely boost the texture, glow-factor, and health of your skin, it’s vitamin C.

This super-antioxidant is key to bright & beautiful skin because it protects the skin cells from oxidative stress. It stimulates collagen production, too, which keeps the skin plump and firm. We know that eating vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies bring us boundless health benefits, but new research is showing that using vitamin C topically actually speeds up and enhances its skin-perfecting benefits.

What exactly is an antioxidant anyway?

You’ve heard of them and might even know they’re essential for healthy skin, but what exactly are antioxidants, like vitamin C? Luckily, their name gives us a clue: “anti” & “oxidation”. Antioxidants protect the skin cells from oxidative stress. When there’s too much oxygen in the cells, free radicals are produced and cause some serious trouble. Free radicals are famous for causing saggy, aged skin because they damage and kill the natural collagen in our cells, which keep our skin healthy, plump, and youthful.

What are the benefits of vitamin C?

Like a militia swarming an enemy line, vitamin C fights against free radicals in the skin cells. This prevents collagen from being damaged and even stimulates more collagen synthesis. This means hello plump skin and goodbye wrinkles. Vitamin C also makes the skin brighter and more radiant by balancing enzymes in the skin’s pigment. It’s a true hero ingredient for evening out dark spots and smoothing uneven skin tones.

How can we get it daily?

Before you start rubbing grapefruits all over yourself, try our less-sticky way to get vitamin C into your daily skincare routine. We love its healing powers so much that our whole skincare line is filled to the brim with vitamin C rich ingredients, like Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea Leaf, Gotu Kola Herb, Horsetail Herb, and vitamin C extract. Our Face & Body Cream, Advanced Wrinkle Repair Cream, and Dark Circle Under Eye Depuffing Serum are good for all skin types and boast a substantial amount of vitamin-C, so your skin will be transformed in no time. 

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