Why we DON'T use palm oil in our products!

Why we DON'T use palm oil in our products!

By Kelsea Fowler Posted on

The biggest brands in the beauty business (Clarins, Estee Lauder) and even popular “ethical” lines (Jason, Avalon) are destroying wildlife by using Palm Oil in their products. Palm oil is harvested from the nuts of trees in Malaysia and Indonesia because it's a cheap, highly saturated fatty filler that keeps products from going rancid. It's used in over 50% of the prepackaged foods and products we use daily. It's also causing one of the biggest acts of environmental destruction in the world. 

Palm Oil production is responsible for:

  • large-scale deforestation in Southeast Asia
  • destruction of wildlife habitats
  • forced homelessness of people
  • extinction & endangerment of species like orangutans, rhinos, Sumatran tigers, and elephants

Indonesia is home to just three percent of the world's forests, but deforestation here accounts for one third of the total global carbon emissions from deforestation and land degradation. 

The forests of Southeast Asia are among the most biologically diverse habitats on Earth, with extremely high amounts of rare plants and animals.These forests are home to over 15,000 plant species, 400 beautiful and valuable creatures, and over 60 million indigenous people. But not for long. 

Here's a look at what we sacrifice for products with infinite shelf lives: 

Ten years is all it took to critically endangered the Orangutans. Their name means "Person of the Forest" in Malay language and they are the world's biggest tree-climbing mammals. Their forest habitats in Indonesia and Malaysia are rapidly disappearing due to Palm Oil production. Orangutans rely on forest vegetation as their only sources of food, nests for sleeping, and tall trees for traveling. They once had fertile homes all across Southeast Asia, but Palm Oil Production has confined them to two islands. As the orangutan's home-size has decreased, so has their population. 10 years ago, there were four times as many as there are living now. And in ten years, we can expect them to be completely extinct. 

We have lost 97% of our wild tigers in just over a century due to Palm Oil Production and hunting. Sumatran tigers are a barely-surviving tiger subspecies that are distinguished by heavy black stripes on their orange coats. The last of Indonesia’s tigers—only 400 today—are hanging on for survival in the remaining patches of forests on the island of Sumatra while accelerating deforestation from Palm Oil destroys their habitats, health, and ability to live. 


 We're proud to say Aloe Infusion skincare is made sustainably, with the Earth in mind. Instead of using Palm Oil, we use all natural vegetable-based preservatives that enrich the nutrient-content of our creams. Our shelf life might not be infinite, but we are proud to prioritize animals, habitats, and human life above all else. 

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