New Inventory System!!

New Inventory System!!

By Jesse Sullens Posted on

We want to be sure that all BA's, EBA's and HubMasters with product are aware of the new tracking system we are putting in place in the next couple weeks.
    • We are starting to use a new program to keep track of all products in and out of our warehouse. It is very important that you have the correct count in the beginning, from there it will track each show sale and take it directly from your inventory. Be sure that All BA’s are inputting each and every jar, if it is used for filler or extras in a sale you must create a sale for everything.
    • Starting this weekend everyone needs to be sure you enter all outgoing product.
    • The Show Managers will be responsible for each jar, be sure you keep an eye on your BA's and remind them if needed to log each jar going out the door. 
      • Each 9oz sold at a show counts the free travel given with it. If you give out more than the one per 9oz you must enter it in the sale, not the notes.
        • EXP: 1 Family pack ( 4 9oz, 4 travels) plus 2 travels should look like this -
  • This weekend will be the only buffer, next week every show manager will be held responsible for any missing inventory. 
  • Get with Luke if you have any questions about the new system.